Son of a Preacher Man

Son of a Preacher Man is touring in the United Kingdom, with tour dates through July 2018. An iconic performance, the Preacher Man is a Soho joint from the 1960s where kids come to dance the night away.

The legendary owner, called The Preacher Man, is the main attraction helping kids that aren’t talking about the latest craze and dreams. He has a talent for providing advice to kids that have a broken heart or are lonely.

The Preacher Man’s advice is something of legend, leading to the kids he helped talking about the man’s advice for years to come.

Myths and stories about the man’s advice are all that remains. But something happens years after the Soho joint closes. Three strangers are drawn to the area where the original venue once sat. These strangers, all generations apart, all share a unique problem: hopeless love lives.

The Preacher Man died years ago, but that doesn’t mean that his advice is gone.

His son, along with the Cappuccino Sisters, works to help the three broken hearts heal. It’s a magical event, as the son tries to channel his father’s spirit to help cure these lovesick souls. It’s a night of love, drama and fun for the entire crowd.

Dusty Springfield’s biggest hits will be on display, including “Son Of A Preacher Man.”

The musical is funny, touching and internally-renowned. Audience members will go through a world of emotions throughout the musical, from crying to singing and laughing. The run of the musical is strictly limited, so, it’s an event that audience members may only be able to see once in a lifetime.

Cast members include an array of big names, such as:

  • Diana Vickers who was a semi-finalist for the X Factor in 2008. She has since appeared on stage multiple times, including performing in “The Rocky Horror Show.”
  • Debra Stephenson is critically acclaimed for her impressionist, comedy performances and is also an actress and singer. She starred on The Impressions Show and has had several long running roles on television.
  • Ian Reddington is one of the production’s best-known actors. He has been on several television programs, including Shameless, Dr. Who and Robin Hood to name a few.

Son of a Preacher Man will follow Warner Brown’s book, with Craig Ravel Horwood directing and taking on the role of choreographer. Morgan Large is the set and costume designer. Paul Herbert will be the show’s musical supervisor and arrangement coordinator.