John Bishop – Winging It

Funny man John Bishop is back on tour with Winging It. The tour has dates through mid-December 2017 with several locations already selling out. The much-anticipated tour marks Bishop’s return to stand-up comedy.

The show promises to bring new material to the stage in a completely new show.

The tour’s initial success led to several additional dates being added in Dublin as fans can’t get enough of Bishop’s polished stand-up routine. Bishop hasn’t been on tour in three years, and he comes back to the stage following his longest break from comedy yet.

Winging It is his fifth tour in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“Supersonic,” his last tour, had over 500,000 people that came out to hear Bishop perform on stage. Winging It is expected to draw even larger crowds.

Bishop’s career is one of legend. He performed his first stand-up gig and then quickly started performing for people across the world. It took him just three years to start performing in front of sold out crowds.

His success has led him to be on television, host his own shows and become one of the best-known names in comedy.
Known as the highest earning comedian in the United Kingdom in 2016, his tour is said to be “perfect.” Many critics that have been to the earlier shows state that the show is “unimprovable.”

Bishop claims that he thought of the tour’s name because he feels like he has been “winging it” his entire career. A rapid rise to fame has led him to be on several television shows, including: Fearless, The Nightly Show and dozens of others.
He is also in a new film titled: Funny Cow.

Winging It was first slated to end at the end of November, but Bishop’s high demand has led him to add several tour dates along the way.

Bishop’s tour has been called a win-win for cross generations as he tries to bond with the audience at the start of the show. He discusses topics that younger audience members will laugh at while also telling the crowd how he never writes down his stand-up routine.

Bishop’s refined acting skills make the show an interesting night of events.

He can be seen inserting himself into several pop videos on the big screen before going into his stand-up routine. Bishop makes sure to engage all audience members: young and old. Well-polished, the entire routine is professional and shows no sign of Bishop having to “Wing It” on stage anymore.