Restaurants in Stoke

A day of sightseeing or business meetings is sure to work up an appetite. Stoke is home to several great restaurants that will satisfy all tastes and budgets. From Asian to seafood and classic British cuisine, you’re sure to find something you love at a restaurant in town.

Massala Junction

Hanley’s Massala Junction serves traditional curries in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. The building has been completely refurbished with decor inspired by Pakistan’s famous railways, which once served some of the best food around.

From korma to jalfrezi, paneer and vindaloo curries to Desi dishes, biryani and yes, even a few British dishes, Massala Junction serves a wide range of traditional dishes.

Patrons can order their food online, or come into the restaurant for a sit-down meal with family and friends.

David’s Brasserie

Serving a range of European dishes, David’s Brasserie is one of the top restaurants in Trentham, and offers gluten-free options for guests with special dietary needs.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a contemporary atmosphere with friendly staff. The breakfast menu includes favourites, like eggs benedict and a classic English breakfast, as well as contemporary dishes, like Swiss chocolate pancakes, baked fruits and bacon sandwiches.

Light lunch dishes are served, and guests can choose between the signature and set menus at dinner. A variety of wines and drinks are also served.

Baby Russets

A traditional British restaurant, Baby Russets is situated near Kings Hall on Kingsway and serves traditional homecooked English food. From pies to sweets, fish dishes and daily specials, guests who love British food should pay a visit to this charming restaurant.

Baby Russets is open Friday and Wednesday for lunch, and for traditional Sunday lunch.

The dinner menu includes a range of English meals, including meat and potato pie to roast duck, steak and roasted vegetable pancakes.


Located on Kingsway, Thalii serves a range of Indian dishes at affordable prices and in a contemporary atmosphere.

At Thalii, a variety of dishes are served on a single plate, similar to the tapas concept. Don’t let the small portions fool you – you will walk away full and satisfied.

Dishes are mostly vegetarian, which makes this a great restaurant for vegetarians and vegans.

Miller & Carter

If you’re in the mood for a good steak, stop in to Miller & Carter. Every head chef must go through the restaurant’s Steak School before stepping foot in the kitchen.

Guests can choose from a variety of steaks and accompanying sauces. Dishes come with a crispy onion loaf, an iceberg lettuce wedge, and a grilled tomato with a balsamic glaze. A range of other dishes are also available, and guests can choose a set menu if they prefer.

Miller & Carter offers an impressive wine and drink menu to complement your meal.


Located on Liverpool Road, Jalfrezi is an Indian restaurant that offers both sit-down dining and online order options for guests.

From tandoori to traditional, biryani, kebabs, burgers and naan, the restaurant serves a variety of dishes to satisfy all tastes.


Sanjeevs is an Indian restaurant in Stoke that focuses on Ayurvedic Concepts. The menu features dishes with ancient spices and herbs that help alleviate tension and stress.

From kebabs to seafood, chicken, lamb and vegetarian dishes, the restaurant caters to most dietary needs.

Bon Pan Asian

Bon Pan Asian is an Asian buffet restaurant that allows you to sample as many dishes as you wish.

The buffet includes salad, sushi, teppanyaki, robata grill, curry, pizza, appetizers and more. A range of main and dessert dishes are also served.

Affordably priced, Bon Pan Asian is the ideal place for hungry travelers who want to sample a range of Asian dishes.

Roti Restaurant

Located on High Street, Roti Restaurant offers sit-down and takeaway options for diners. Dishes use fresh ingredients, and the friendly staff is always happy to accommodate your needs.

Touted as one of the best Indian restaurants in town, Roti is a must-taste for all lovers of Indian food.

Roberto’s Pizza House

Travelers who are in the mood for a good slice of pizza can stop in to Roberto’s Pizza House on Pall Mall. The restaurant offers an open kitchen, so guests can watch the chefs as they prepare orders.

The menu includes a range of pizza, pasta, fish and meat dishes. The staff is friendly, and the service is always on-point.

Ego Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar

The Ego Mediterranean restaurant is located on Stanley Road and serves a variety of Mediterranean inspired dishes.

From lemon chicken Milanese, Moroccan lamb tajine, Piri-Piri chicken and more, Ego will take you away to the blue seas of the Mediterranean – if only for an afternoon meal.