Cilla – The Musical

Bill Kenwright and Laurie Mansfield present the award-winning Cilla The Musical. Based on the hit television show, the musical is an adaptation of the hit television show that tells the story of a young girl that has a dream to become one of Britain’s best entertainers of all times.

Pricilla White’s life is about to change forever in Cilla.

White, better known for her stage name Cilla Black, rose to fame with the help of the Beatles that helped her thrust her singing career into the spotlight in 1963. John Lennon introduced White to Brian Epstein. Lennon encouraged his friend to audition with Epstein which showed little interest in the singer initially.

Luck struck Cilla when Epstein saw her perform at a local jazz club and quickly signed her.

The initial audition’s failure was attributed to her being nervous. She was also supported by the Beatles who did not re-pitch their keys to match Black’s voice.

Cilla, the television series, ran from 1968 to 1976 at the height of her fame.

Her story is enticing with White going from a typist to one of Britain’s most famous singers in the 60s. By the time 1964 came around, she was already creating hits. “You’re My World” and “Anyone who Had a Heart” were two of her major hits in 1964 which hit the top spot on the top singles charts. The two songs close out the first act of the show.

The musical will be the ultimate 60s soundtrack.

Kara Lily Hayworth plays the role of Cilla. The musical held an open audition with Hayworth demonstrating that she has the passion that Cilla had to succeed. Hayworth stood outside for four hours before the audition showing that she can embody the presence of Cilla with a voice and style impersonation.

Cilla’s character is the main focal point of the show with other characters providing a supporting cast on stage.

Gary McCann creates beautiful sets, studios and stages for the show which bring the feeling of a high-end Cilla performance to the musical.

The show features Carl Au as Bobby, Andrew Lancel as Brian Epstein, Pauline Fleming as Big Cilla, Neil MacDonald as John White, Tom Dunlea as Johnny Hutchinson, Joshua Gannon as Paul McCartney and Bill Caple as Ringo Starr.

The tour began in September 2017 with dates confirmed through April 2018. The show’s initial success has led to more dates to be confirmed in the near future.